Akira Kusumi

Japanese Plastering

Syuhei Hasado

Contemporary plaster craftsman visits the US to teach us Japanese plaster techniques and tools.

After our first contact with Japanese plaster craftsman Akira Kusumi, it took repeated efforts over a number of years to find another craftsman who would agree to travel to Canelo for training.  Finally, a very innovative contemporary craftsman named Syuhei Hasado, agreed to come and do a 10-day training session.  His visit was invaluable providing us with an invaluable foundation in Japanese methods and tools.


He returned several years later for a shorter time and a trip to New Mexico to view the work at Athena’s sister, Roxanne’s gallery and to give a demonstration there. We remain in contact with him as well as a woman named Kimie Tada, who is the editor of the Japanese home magazine Confort. She was the one who made the contact for us with Syuhei and arranged for his trips to the States, we are deeply indebted to her.